Boiler Maintenance

Boiler Maintenance

D-Naf Fuel Oil Company provides superior boiler maintenance for the upkeep of your heating equipment.

Your boiler should be inspected at the start of the winter season to ensure that it’s in proper working condition and that any parts that are corroded or damaged are replaced.

Why is this important?

Any accumulation of soot or ash reduces heat transfer. This can decrease your boiler’s operating efficiency by up to 10%! If your boiler hasn’t been cleaned in a few years then efficiency can drop to 20% or more! Less heat is transferred leading to a higher fuel consumption.

Translation = you won’t get as much heat, your house will be colder and you’ll have to spend more money!

This problem can be rectified by having your boiler serviced at the beginning of the season.

The mechanics at D-Naf Fuel Oil Company are all experienced professionals who have been servicing boilers for years.

When the mechanic visits your home he will:

  • Tune your boiler up
  • Vacuum out all of the soot
  • Change nozzles
  • Change filters
  • Change tubings
  • Change your strainer if need be
  • Clean the base of your chimney
  • Inspect for any potential problems

And more.

We’ll get your boiler kick started for the winter and in excellent working order. This will allow your boiler to transfer more heat and prevent any costly problems in the future.

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